TheSports Empowers Ufootball to Be One of the Best Football Media Companies by Advanced Data Feed
06 Jun 2024

Recently, Ufootball,one of the most famous football community media companies in Malaysia, has collaborated with TheSports to integrate the football API data feed.

In an era when data is becoming increasingly valuable, the partnership between Ufootball and TheSports is quite notable, especially for the upcoming big event – ​​ UEFA Euro 2024.

Through this partnership, TheSports provided Ufootball with football real-time data, player stats, and team stats to broadcast advanced play-by-play statistics from courtside at every football match including corner kick, throw in ,shot on/off goal, substitution,yeollow/red card,etc. to highlight the league’s top players and provide crucial updates for fans to follow the live-action. Fans and spectators will have a brand new game viewing experience and say goodbye to boring football games.

“The implementation of TheSports’ is another remarkable step for us in constant improving audience experience. Our goal is simple –keep our audience highly entertained during the matches. ”Chief revenue officer of Ufootball said.

UFootball has indeed done so. By integrating TheSports' basic and advanced football data feed, it provides users with better-quality and more engaging football match information, greatly enhancing the fan experience and striving to become a more professional football community media company in Malaysia.

TheSports, since 2010 has been providing the most reliable sports data API solutions and industry-leading sports data to support the expansion and creation of economic value for organizations and industries. It has swiftly become Asia's top provider of sports data services due to a top-notch raw data and a comprehensive grasp of our client's business requirements.

About Ufootball:UFOOTBALL

Founded in 2021,the football community media company based in Malaysia, built for the next generation of fans which provide premium football content and engaging products that enhance fan experiences and shape the future of football.


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