TheSports is a leading company in real-time sports data and statistics worldwide. Our expertise includes a series of flexible sports solutions for all verticals like media, developers, OTT, broadcast and predictive modeling clients worldwide. Our mission is to provide the most accurate sports information with little to no latency.
20+ Sports, 460,000+ Annual EventsTheSports cover a large breadth of sports on an international level Sports coverage demands more than raw data, sports fans want improved statistics and detailed analysis of all events.
"TheSports API is a great tool for getting all data about matches and tournaments. Now our fans can not only follow the sports games, but also dive deeper into the statistics. You are instantly aware of any changes, and at the same time remain at the club's website."
Robin Tan
Product Manager,Aiscore
"Live Match Tracker offers fantastic visual experience for the fans. It is a awesome addition to sportsbook and media website. It is a tool with game visualization, action tracking animation, full sports statistics and scoreboard. The partnership between PlanetSport and TheSports brings the business to a higher level."
Project Manager,PlanetSport
"Perfect World is thrilled to unveil its partnership with global sports data provider TheSports. Esports has already achieved huge growth, and its potential continues to soar. TheSports' esports content is helping both individual and business unlock opportunities, and this partnership can help us all reach new hights."
Terry Xia
Programe Manager,Perfect World