Introducing TheSports widgets: Revolutionizing Your Site Traffic with TheSports
04 Jun 2024

Are you facing challenges in attracting a larger audience to your sports news website?

No need to worry anymore. Revolutionize your site traffic with TheSports!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of TheSports’ football widgets: We prepare a ready-made solution without the cost of development to maximize the development cost savings to help you complete site construction.TheSports’ cutting-edge sports widgets for digital media sites can significantly enhance your reporting and storytelling. Offer your audience the utmost reliability, deliver instant scores, and leverage a comprehensive range of statistical insights from our Widgets.

Let’s take a detailed look at the sections when you choose TheSports Football Widgets item:

We have launched Vertical fixtures, Horizontal fixtures, Team statistics, Lineups, Timeline, Momentum, and Standings, seven widgets in total now.

All TheSports widgets support two methods to configurate & design.

Method 1: You can log in to our dashboard to configurate it, then save it online;

Method 2: After embedding widget code into your website, you can locally change its styling or features by adding parameters into "options: {}";

Read the documentation of each widget to get all the details.


The Vertical Fixtures widget is composed of a header bar and a matches list, which is the basis of a sports website or application. There is no limit to leagues of matches, but it only supports returning matches from within the past year. It also provides multiple features such as Goal Notification, Jump Link, Favorite teams, Following Matches, and Customised Style.


There are many cases you can cite with Horizontal fixtures, like NBA, and ESPN, are using this form of matches. Normally, it will be fixed on the top of a website, and take the role of entrance of important matches. By changing the league_id, different matches of a league will be returned. This widget is user-friendly, intuitive, and customizable that allowing you to boost your business by providing your users with all types of sports data they may need.


The team statistics widget is a statistics section that displays key live stats like ball possessions, corner kicks, shots on target, shots off target, dribbles, interceptions, clearances, etc.


The Lineups widget is access to a detailed breakdown of the players participating in the match. It supports custom color (change with system) and font settings.


The timeline widget is the access to stay updated with real-time event tracking during the match. This exceptional widget enhances website traffic by providing live statistics of the match.


The Momentum widget is the access to display the team's offensive trend value throughout the game in the form of line charts or curve charts.


The standings widget provides instant access to the latest tables from competitions around the world. It can retain your audience by delivering comprehensive sports stats and data.

TheSports Widgets provide actionable sports tips and AI-powered insights for you to integrate into your website to drive additional traffic. Moreover, they can monetize sports fans' attention by attracting sponsors and advertisers.

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