Astro and TheSports Announce Partnership to Expand Football Data API
30 Oct 2023

Recently, Astro,Malaysia’s leading content & consumer company in TV, OTT, radio, digital commerce space has entered into a partnership agreement with TheSports. In this collaboration, Astro will use TheSports's Football Data in its sports channels .

According to statistics, Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad has served nearly serving 5.6 million homes or 72% of Malaysian TV households, 8,000 enterprises. Having more users means having greater influence in the market and the ability to gain more market share. Therefore, for all  content & consumer providers like Astro, increasing investment, expanding content, and winning users are absolute priorities.

In recent years, the global streaming media industry has experienced explosive growth, with more and more people starting to watch various content on streaming platforms or internet live channels. Sports events have become another golden opportunity to capture the "viewership throne". However, broadcasting top football matches poses a funding challenge for both traditional television media and streaming media.

Against this background, as one of the largest entertainment & sports content providers in Malaysia, Astro has been committed to providing Malaysian users with real-time, professional and interesting sports content in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

Through this partnership, TheSports will provide Astro with football real-time data, player stats, and team stats to broadcast advanced play-by-play statistics from courtside at every football match including corner kick, throw in ,shot on/off goal, substitution,yeollow/red card,etc.  to highlight the league’s top players and provide crucial updates for fans to follow the live-action. Fans and spectators will have a brand new game viewing experience and say goodbye to boring football games.

TheSports, since 2010 has been providing the most reliable sports data API solutions and industry-leading sports data to support the expansion and creation of economic value for organizations and industries. It has swiftly become Asia's top provider of sports data services due to a top-notch raw data and a comprehensive grasp of our client's business requirements.


About Astro

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad 201101004392 (932533-V) is Malaysia’s leading content and entertainment company, serving 5.6 million homes or 72% of Malaysian TV households, 8,000 enterprises, 17.5 million weekly radio listeners across FM and digital, 14.0 million digital monthly unique visitors and 3.2 million shoppers across its TV, radio, digital and commerce platforms.

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