Meczyki and TheSports Announce Partnership to Expand Football Media Coverage
10 Apr 2023

Meczyki, one of the largest sports portals in Poland, signs a multi-year partnership with TheSports to integrate with data feed of 5 type of sports.


Under the agreement, TheSports will provide Meczyki with high-quality sports data feed including football, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball. Through the partnership, Meczyki will get advanced football data to power its coverage of in-game events, results, standings and historical match statistics. As Meczyki has chosen TheSports as its exclusive sports data provider, Meczyki will use TheSports’ basketball, tennis, handball & volleyball data feed to enhance its live match delivery of these four sports as well.


TheSports is known for providing the most accurate and up-to-date sports data in the industry, making it the perfect partner for Meczyki. This partnership will enable Meczyki to deliver a more engaging and comprehensive user experience to its audience, with real-time updates and in-depth analysis of each game.


“We’re thrilled to integrate with TheSports’ data feed as you have much more in-depth stats for football such player rating and line-ups which are among the mostly-interested sports content by our audience,” said Sebastian Felkner - CEO of Meczyki.   “Football is the most important for us of course and we're constantly working on improving it. The quality of TheSports’ data feed is very impressive so I choose to move forward to work with TheSports on all of our sports content solutions .”  


TheSports has been providing real-time results and stats to millions of consumers for 10 years, feeding data to websites, apps, broadcast platforms and sport media partners on a continual basis, ensuring that everyone from professionals to amateurs and families to fans have the facts at their fingertips. Through this partnership, the audience of Meczyki will also benefit from TheSports' advanced data analysis tools and in-depth statistical analysis.



About Meczyki

Meczyki is one of the largest sporting websites in Poland, founded in 2000, providing fans with the latest news, results, and interviews from the world of sport. The websites generate over 60 million page views each month mostly from users in Poland, the UK, and Germany. It’s recognized on the market.


About TheSports

Founded in 2010, TheSports has offered the most trustworthy sports data API solutions and market-leading sports data to enable the growth and production of financial value for businesses and sectors. Today, TheSports has been a leading sports provider of 15 sports for global customers.

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