Altenar Partners With TheSports to Integrate The Most Authentic Soccer Data API
23 Dec 2022

In the realm of sportsbook igaming software, Altenar is a top gaming software provider motivated by its clients' goals and offers unique solutions.


Altenar has decided to import soccer data API from TheSports to complete a fully-managed sportsbook solution. In a time when data is becoming more and more valuable, Altenar and TheSports' partnership is remarkable.


TheSports, the leading provider of sports data on the marketplace, offers comprehensive coverage of all sports data types. TheSports will provide Altenar with in-depth coverage and easy access to soccer data using their soccer data feeds and API.


TheSports offers unique data solutions to each customer as a pioneer in recognizing and embracing the potential of sports data and digital content for its clients. It offers its customers a specific visualization of every match action and in-depth real-time content for various live and Simulated Reality sports due to cutting-edge technologies, including visually improved ball spotting and on-field player animations.


As the API is one of the most powerful factors fostering the growth of the iGaming sector,  Altenar will integrate TheSports' new soccer data API. This will be a game changer in attracting millennials to their sportsbooks. Together, Altenar and TheSports are committed to providing users with the most up-to-date and accurate soccer rankings, updates, events, and statistics.



About Altenar

Altenar is a Sportsbook software provider that provides licensed operators with "best in class" solutions. Altenar delivers a fully managed sportsbook platform stack and software-only solutions and offers a track record of stability and a customized and individualized service.


About TheSports

Since 2010, TheSports has offered the most trustworthy sports data API solutions and market-leading sports data to enable the growth and production of financial value for businesses and sectors. It has swiftly become Asia's top provider of sports data services due to superior raw data and a thorough understanding of our client's business needs.

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