TheSports Expanded Its Coverage to 45 Languages For A Better Fan Experience
23 Jun 2022

Multilanguage availability of sports coverage is emerging as a new trend. Sports fans desire more flexibility and personalization from broadcasters; therefore, TheSports expanded its coverage to 45+ languages for a better fan experience.


As indicated by the company's investments and hiring of sports-related professionals, TheSports is becoming heavily engaged in the sports business. TheSports' sports data stream gives sports fans the most up-to-date information while also assisting businesses and sectors worldwide in extending their operations and realizing their true economic potential.


TheSports' API allows you to access a range of sports. TheSports cover soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, table tennis, volleyball, AM football, e-sports, water polo, badminton, handball, and snooker, among other sports. Every year, it may cover up to 380,000 matches. For most major live events, TheSports offers all that is needed. This includes simple data such as the point tally, more complex data such as who is in possession of the ball in a soccer game at a given time, and background information and statistics.


Due to revolutionary features such as visually enhanced ball spotting and on-field player animations, TheSports gives its customers a customized portrayal of every game action and in-depth real-time statistics for numerous live and Simulated Reality sports leagues.

TheSports is focused on providing the sports industry with the highest possible service. It also has information on various sports games and leagues in different languages.

Sports fans expect more than raw facts regarding sports broadcasting; they want improved statistics and in-depth analysis of all activities in multiple languages. It will be more exciting for the sports fan to entertain with sports coverage in more languages.


Some of the popular languages include English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, and many others. Adding more languages to cover sports data is beneficial to reach more audiences around the globe.


Watching sports is an increasingly social experience. No matter the sport, sports unites people from all over the world and creates a unique feeling of excitement and belonging when fans witness their favorite team winning. Recreating this exhilarating feeling and communicating a true passion for sports is what we aim to achieve through our sports content and technology. Lanuage localization is the first and essential step to connect all the sports fans.  TheSports will continue advance our  capabilities to bring fans closer to the action.

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