NBA 2022: JumperBrasil Ready to Integrate TheSports API
17 May 2022

JumperBrasil, NBA specialized, has announced a partnership with TheSports and the integration of its API to provide its audience with real-time data and useful statistics from NBA matches.


Overwhelmed by fluid, fast-paced play, basketball fans have long thirsted for more: more statistics, more analysis, more information. Now JumperBrasil has partnered with TheSports to create a new, totally comprehensive statistical database that records everything that happens in every NBA game.


Through this partnership, TheSports will provide JumperBrasil with NBA real-time data, player stats, and team stats to broadcast advanced play-by-play statistics from courtside at every NBA game including shot, foul and turnover locations to highlight the league’s top performers and provide crucial updates for fans to follow the live-action.


“JumperBrasil are excited to partner with TheSports. With TheSports providing advanced data and insights across NBA, we are looking to bring a whole new level of sports storytelling to a vast new group of fans” commented Gustavo Freitas, Co-fundador & CEO of JumperBrasil.


JumperBrasil offers the latest breaking news and stories to sports fans. The site has been served as the a primary entertainment source with over 20 million unique visitors per month reach. With the integration of TheSports APIs, JumperBrasil will win the attentions of more vistors and more content engagements by enable its audience access to a world of unlimited NBA data, such as live scores, in-game analysis, squad lists, player & team stats and much more.


With over 10 years on this market, TheSports has served 300+ customers from media, developers, prediction sites and igaming operators across the world. TheSports understands the ambitious goals of our partners and their need for accurate data to be presented faster than it is done by hundreds of competitors out there. With this knowledge in mind, TheSports have developed several products to help clients’ business grow and reach the goals that they have set.


About JumperBrasil


JumperBrasil , founded in 2007, is pioneer sports media that is dedicated to cover NBA news in Brazil. It delivers news, stories, rumors and highlight videos from all the NBA events. With the coverage of great basketball storytelling content, the site of JumperBrasil has reached over 20 millions of visitors each month. Moreover, JumperBrasil has created multiple social media channels to deliver interesting news, rumors and videos to its millions of followers.

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