How to use odd data?

(1)"Real-time odds" interface: return the odds that has changed within 60s, used to obtain the real-time odds

(2)"Single match odds" interface: return the full odds of a single match through the "match id", used as a supplement when the real-time interface obtains missing


We recommend that all completed matches + some unstarted matches (recommended within 2 weeks) can first use the "Single match odds" interface to obtain the complete odds of each match, and then use the "Real-time odds" interface to obtain the subsequent change odds


How to use the “Odds update” interface?

Because there will be situations where the odds is repaired. Only using the "Real-time odds" and "Single match odds" interfaces cannot obtain the repair notification. The “Odds update” interface will return the index company id, match id and repair time of the "repair odd" within 60s. The company and match id obtained can be used to resynchronize the correct data in the "Single match odds" interface


How to set a unique key for the "Real-time odds" interface?
Because the same odds may change multiple times at the same time, it is recommended to use all fields as unique keys

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