Suggestions on score push mechanism

It is not recommended to push scores through the "incidents" field of the "Real-time data" interface.


Because the incident data is fully updated. For example, a goal is generated and a goal incident is pushed. However, the goal was invalidated due to an early foul. Then in the next incident push, the goal incident will not be returned. The user cannot be notified of the cancellation of the goal.


We recommend pushing scores based on the "score" field of the "Real-time data" interface. For example, the score pushed last time is 1:0. If the goal is canceled, the data pushed next time will be 0:0. You can judge whether it is a "goal" or a "cancel goal" based on the changes in the data obtained twice before and after.


ps: "Incidents" in "Real-time data" are fully updated. Just overwrite the previous data directly after obtaining it. If you want to make an increment, you can add an order sequence and then combine it into a unique key based on the match (match_id + order). Each request can be based on this key to determine whether incremental data is entered.

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