Test Tutorial

Your Dashboard :https://www.thesports.com/user

Step 1:Add your IP address:


Log in with your TheSports account,add your ip in dashboard->access->add ip address

If you can not find your IP address,please request link:  api.thesports.com/v1/ip/demo  ,use the one right after "X-Forwarded-For": 

Step 2:Get Your Token:


Get your token in dashboard->account>access token


Step 3:Get Your Data:


API Docs:https://www.thesports.com/docs

BASIC INFO section is not available for a Trial account, TheSports trial is for the speed and quality testing instead of BASIC INFO, if you need to check the accuracy of logos, names, players, please use our demo site:aiscore.com.

You can get all necessary Basic info on endpint:BASIC DATA->Schedule and Results - date query->results_extra:


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